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Notifications enable

Mobile Responsive

Desktop app with mobile app

Record Maintenance

Ezisc will keep record and maintain it

Ezisc is also a user management system that will manage all the users of system like student’s,parents,staff, heads and clients.

Students , Teachers employees will mark their daily attendance on Ezisc.

Ezisc provide books and study materail.Will also  conduct examination and instantly share it with parents and students.

Services Provided by Ezisc

Attendance Management

Ezisc will manage attendance of all the employees and students.

Exam Management

Ezisc will manage the exams and their results in its database

Hostel management

Ezisc will manage all the hostel record and new entries.

Transport Management

Ezisc will manage all the transporting record and new entries of buses and vehicles.

Library Management

Ezisc will keep record of all the books in library and their issue record in database.

Multi-School Management

All the clients and schools are managed by Ezisc

Quiz/Assignment Management

All the quiz will be held online and will be managed by ezisc.

Online Study Material

Ezisc will provide the books ,notes and other study material to student's.

Lesson Planner

All the lesson planners are updated in the system and will generate link.

Advance Reports

Reports will be generated automatically through the system.

Our Services

Our Services

A Complete 360 Software Costs More than $50k
Free New Features Added Weekly
Free Daily Software Maintenance

Cloud Based system

Cloud Based system

Ezisc is a cloud based system

High security/ Anti hacking

It is highly secure and prevent from hacking

Maintenance Support

Maintenance Support

Maintain system and keep record of each and every thing

Mobile Responsive

Ezisc is mobile responsive and easy to use.

Student Cap

Student Cap

Student cap is provided and its record is maintained by ezisc.

Free Updates And support

Free Updates And support

Free update and Maintance is provided to the system

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