Quick Installation


Ezi School Multi management system express is basically support for manage any kind of education based organization like school, college, universities etc.

1. System Requirements

*** PHP 5.3+

*** MYSQL 5+

*** PHP Mcrypt Extention

*** PHP MBString Extension

*** PHP DOM Extension

*** PHP GD Extension

*** PHP MYSQL Extension

*** PHP PDO Extention

*** PHP CURL Extention

*** Internet Connection

2. Installation

  1. Upload the downloaded zip file to your hosting server /public_html/ directory
  2. After complete upload then extract the uploaded zip file
  3. Make sure in project folder root index.php and .htaccess file have permission as 644
  4. Manually create a database from your server cpanel using MySql Database Wizard.
  5. Create a user for the database and link that user to the created database with all necessary permissions
  6. Open the file database.php from the directory application/config/database.php
  7. Fill up the information like “hostname”, “username”, “password” and “database” with your created database information
  8. Now from your server cpanel phpMyAdmin go to your database and import database.sql located in /documentation/database/database.sql
  9. Please check your site base url in application/config/config.php
  10. Run the project from any web browser like (http://www.yourdomain.com/).
  11. Enter your Purchase Code and submit.
  12. Now your are good to go!!
  13. Default Super Admin user credentials: Email: superadmin Password: 123456
  14. Good Luck!!!
  15. Thank you.

Ezi Multi School Management System Pro(EMSMS) Files & Folders structure are look like this

Ezi Multi School Management System Pro(EMSMS) code sample are look like this

After login Super Admin must have to do following things

  1. General/Global Setting from Left Menu->Administrator->General Setting
  2. Create School from Left Menu->Administrator->Manage School
  3. Set user Role/Type wise access permission from Left Menu->Administrator->Role Permission(ACL) -> Role Permission Setting
  4. Create Designation from Left Menu->Human Resource->Designation
  5. Create Salary Grade from Left Menu->Payroll->Salary Garde
  6. Create Employee with Role Admin for the Specific School from Left Menu->Human Resource->Employee
  7. After create employee with admin role then set Role Permission for the Admin of the specific school
  8. Then School Admin can do every thing for his/her school

For smooth use of the software please follow the following data input process. These process will makes your software organized to data manipulation. You must follow these data input sequence.

  1. Login to System using default super admin user credentials: Email: superadmin Password: 123456
  2. Set your Brand General/Global Setting from Left Menu->Administrator->General Setting
  3. Create School as per your need/requirements. Left Menu->Administrator->Manage School
  4. Create Academic Year as per your school requirements. Left Menu->Administrator->Academic Year
  5. Manage/Create SMS Setting data for sending SMS. Left Menu->Administrator->SMS Setting {For Super Admin}
  6. Manage/CreateSMS Setting data for sending SMS. Left Menu->Setting->SMS Setting {Except Super Admin}
  7. Manage/Create Payment Setting data for manage online payment. Left Menu->Administrator->Payment Setting {For Super Admin}
  8. Manage/Create SMS Setting data for manage online payment. Left Menu->Setting->Payment Setting {Except Super Admin}
  9. Create/Input Designation data for Manage Employee. Left Menu->Human Resource->Designation
  10. Create/Input Salary Grade data for Manage Payroll/Employee. Left Menu->Payroll->Salary Grade
  11. Create/Input Employees data as per your School requirements and for create school admin. Left Menu->Human Resources->Employees
  12. Update each User Type Role Permission as per your School requirements. Left Menu->Administrator->Role Permission->Role Permission Setting
  13. Create/Input Teachers data as per your School requirements. Left Menu->Teacher
  14. Create/Input Class data as per your School requirements. Left Menu->Class
  15. Create/Input Section data as per your Class & School requirements. Left Menu->Section->Class
  16. Create/Input Subject data as per your Class & School requirements. Left Menu->Subject->Class
  17. Create/Input Syllabus data as per your Class & School requirements. Left Menu->Syllabus->Class
  18. Create/Input Class Routine data as per your Class & School requirements. Left Menu->Class Routine->Class
  19. Create/Input Discount data as per your School requirements. Left Menu->Accounting->Discount
  20. Create/Input Guardian data before input Student data. Left Menu->Guardian
  21. Create/Input Student data. Left Menu->Student->Student Class
  22. Manage Student/Teacher/Employee AttendanceLeft Menu->Attendance->Student Attendance/ Teacher Attendance/ Employee Attendance
  23. Create/Input Assignment data for student. Left Menu->Assignment {Class Wise}
  24. Create/Input Exam Grade data as per School requirements. Left Menu->Exam->Exam Grade
  25. Create/Input Exam Term data as per School requirements. Left Menu->Exam->Exam Term
  26. Create/Input Exam Schedule data. Left Menu->Exam Schedule->Class
  27. Create/Input Exam Suggestion data. Left Menu->Exam Suggestion->Class
  28. Create/Input Exam Attendance data. Left Menu->Exam Attendance
  29. Manage Exam Mark data. Left Menu->Exam Mark->Manage Mark
  30. Manage Exam Term Result data. Left Menu->Exam Mark->Exam Term Result
  31. Manage Exam Final Result data. Left Menu->Exam Mark->Exam Final Result
  32. Manage Exam Merit List data. Left Menu->Exam Mark->Exam Merit List
  33. Manage Exam Mark Sheet data. Left Menu->Exam Mark->Student Mark Sheet
  34. Manage Student Result Card data. Left Menu->Exam Mark->Student Result Card
  35. Process Student Promotion to the next class after process all above data. Left Menu->Promotion
  36. Create/Input Certificate Type data. Left Menu->Certificate->Certificate Type
  37. Generate Certificate for a student. Left Menu->Generate Certificate Then filter and Generate a Certificate and print
  38. Create/Input/Process Salary Payment data for Employee/Teacher. Left Menu->Payroll->Salary Payment Then filter employee/teacher and put payment
  39. Create/Input Fee Type data for Manage class wise Student Fee. Left Menu->Accounting->Fee Type
  40. Create/Input Fee Type data for Manage class wise Student Fee. Left Menu->Accounting->Fee Type
  41. Create/Input data for collect student fee. Left Menu->Accounting->Fee Collection [Admission Fee/ Monthly Tution Fee/ Hostel Fee/ Transport Fee etc]
  42. Create/Input Expenditure Head data for Manage Expenditure. Left Menu->Accounting->Expenditure Head/Expenditure
  43. Create/Input Invoice data for manage/collect all kinds of Payment from student. Left Menu->Accounting->Create Invoice
  44. After Create/Input Employee/ Teacher/ Guardian & Student data please activate them to login. Left Menu->Administrator->Manage User, Then filter User and activate them
  45. For Manage Frontend Website Basic Info. Please fill out all data in school information Left Menu->Administrator->manage school {For super admin}
  46. For Manage Frontend Website Basic Info. Please fill out all data in school information Left Menu->Administrator->manage school {Except super admin}
  47. For Manage Frontend Slider data. Please input/manage Slider Left Menu->Frontend->Manage Slider
  48. For Manage Frontend Welcome/About data. Please update Left Menu->Frontend->Frontend About
  49. For Manage Frontend Events data. Please manage events Left Menu->Events
  50. For Manage Frontend News data. Please manage news Left Menu-> Announcement ->Manage News
  51. For Manage Frontend Notice data. Please manage Notice Left Menu-> Announcement ->Manage Notice
  52. For Manage Frontend Holiday data. Please manage Holiday Left Menu-> Announcement ->Manage Holiday
  53. For Manage Frontend Gallery data. Please manage Gallery Left Menu-> Media Gallery ->Manage Gallery and Image
  54. You are doen with main feature..
  55. Good Luck!!!
  56. Thank you.

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